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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Week That Was

It's Friday evening and Christa is at work until 11:30 or so. With the Brewers going toe to toe with the Dodgers on TV, I thought I would provide a few bullet points highlighting the past week:
  • As mentioned before, we got the internet and cable hooked up on Thursday. Things feel more like home.
  • We got our first batch of forwarded mail from Oshkosh. Wow...you do manage to get on a lot of bulk mailing lists in a few short years.
  • Sunday is my first worship service at Oakfield and Tabor. I like the way the bulletin turned out and I think my sermon will help the congregation get to know Christa and I a little better.
  • We get the new sofa and chair on Monday. I think it will provide a little more lounge space than we have right now.